Simple on all levels

Describe the opportunity, specify the benefit, give it a status, owner, and set its priority - easy to create, easy to manage, easy to understand.

Task examples

Your notes are ready when you are

Say goodbye to compiling documents for meetings, scouring departments for idea files, and sifting through mountains of notes. Bring everything together in one spot for a seamless browsing experience.

Meeting notes

Ensure accountability

Assign your team members responsibilities for specific tasks and always know who to get in touch with about any of them.

Ensure accountability
Comming soon

Export to other tools

If needed, you can export individual tasks to your other project management tools like Asana, Jira, or Trello.

Export to other tools

Actually meet your deadlines

No more lame excuses. Having clearly defined deadlines means work actually gets done on time. No delays.


Elevate your interactions & touchpoints

Plug opportunities into specific steps along the customer journey and track their completion on a designated dashboard

Task management tool