Easy to use

Simplicity first

Customer journey tools are notorious for being complicated and a pain to work with. Not ours - everything is super simple to understand and set up. 

Customer journey mapping

Ready-to-use templates

To get you off to an easy start, we’ve prepared a set of industry-specific templates to help you outline your first customer journey.

Ready-to-use templates

Leverage know-how across the company

Let everyone in your company see your customer journey - share it with a single click. It would be a shame if it stayed only in the marketing department.

Leverage know-how across the company

Easy to track

Stages and activities

Divide your customer journey into lifecycle phases from discovery to retention and assign them relevant interactions, touchpoints, and milestones.

Journey mapping

Multiple views

Browse your activities on the mind map, see all their details, check the warnings, or prepare for your next team meeeting.


Powerful activities

Activities can hold all sorts of data to help you evaluate them - KPIs, metrics, personas, goals, assigned opportunities, and more.

Customer touchpoint

Easy to improve

Peace of mind

Set thresholds for activity KPIs and be notified when something goes wrong. Until then, sleep well.

Company kpi

Take a closer look

Track and evaluate the customer journey as a whole or zoom in on the specific phase.

Customer journey phase

Move beyond observing. Act.

Monitoring is not enough. You need to act and continuously improve - our opportunities and actions management will help you keep it clean.
We seamlessly integrate data, context, and task management all in one place.

Task management software