Welcome to Customer Journey 2.0!

Map your company activities

Outline all your activities in a simple drag-and-drop customer journey and then add the activity details and metrics.

Customer journey mapping has never been so easy and powerful. Editing takes seconds and you can switch between multiple views.

Customer journey map

Create your personas

Create detailed persona profiles - you can modify all characteristics and rate them on a scale from 1 to 5.

These customer personas can be added to activities - customizing the customer journey for your multiple target audiences will be a breeze.

Buyer persona

Take control of the tasks

Use our effective task management to manage your team. Assign responsibilities for activities, add tasks, and evaluate your team’s performance.

Your team meetings will be productive at last!

Task management tool

Have a clear overview

Glance over the dashboard anytime you need an update on your KPIs. Why check them on 10 apps when you can have them all together?

You can pick only those you’re interested in and switch between the time periods. On the bottom, you also have a performance of your journeys.

Company dashboard
Coming soon

Unleash the power of AI

Our AI Assistant will constantly crunch your imported data and give you a quick insight every morning.

Why would you do it yourself? Say hi to your new data analyst and use AI for what it’s really good at.
Unleash the power of AI
Coming soon

Get here your KPIs

KPIs from your analytics, advertising, social, e-commerce, and other tools and apps will magically fly into Out of Dark.

When they’re here, assign them to their respective activities and track their performance. Breathe some life into your customer journeys!
Get here your KPIs