This is Carrie

Carrie’s company is currently stagnating

Carrie is the founder of DreamCatcher, a fashion brand producing sustainable clothing made from organic cotton. She cares about the quality of her products while placing a strong emphasis on customer care and improving the customer experience.

$1.500.000 / year
Marketing budget:
$180.000 / year
Main marketing activities:

Even though Carrie makes $1.5 million in revenue and a substantial profit, she isn’t sure:

  • how best to run and grow her DreamCatcher business
  • how to become a go-to brand in her industry
  • how to deal with the complexities and challenges of monitoring and coordinating all activities of her sales and marketing staff
  • how to consolidate these activities and information into a single data-powered knowledge base

That’s where Out of Dark comes in…

These are Carrie’s challenges

Declining customer loyalty
Stagnating company growth
Missing big-picture overview
Emotional-based, not data-driven decisions
Unclear task accountability

How Out of Dark helped

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Now she can see the big picture

Thanks to Out of Dark, Carrie was finally able to create a clear map of the customer journey and all customer-facing activities. She didn't have one until now because there was no simple-to-use and frustration-free tool available.

Ecommerce customer journey map
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Now she can easily manage accountability

For each activity, she was able to define KPIs & metrics, identify potential areas for improvement, specify expected outcomes, assign responsibility, and much more - ensuring clarity and accountability for every task.

Carrie detail-1
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Now she has a dashboard with instant alerts

Our comprehensive dashboard provided her with monitoring of critical metrics, enabling her to quickly identify and address any issues or underperformances as they arose.

Ecommerce dashboard
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Now she can describe and target her customers

Detailed customer persona profiles allowed her to represent all DreamCatcher’s target audiences, accurately reflect their demographics, character traits, and habits, and assign them to their respective activities.

Ecommerce buyer persona
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Now she can keep track of improvements in one place

There’s no need to pay for expensive and complicated online tools to manage activity-related tasks anymore. Now she can do it all in Out of Dark.

Marketing project software

How Out of Dark lit up Carrie’s business

Carrie decided to map and elevate DreamCatcher’s customer journey step by step. Fast-forward a few months, here’s what her company looks like after she got Out of Dark.


  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Higher revenue
  • Higher transparency
  • Lower churn rate
  • Less time wasting
  • Lower salary costs
New revenue opportunities:
$22.500 / year
Saved budget:
$9.000 / year
Time savings:
576 hours / year
3.5 % (from 5 %)
Google reviews:
4.5 (from 3.8)
  • + Decisions made on data, not emotions
  • + Free money for investment
  • + Peace of mind

Total Benefits

$49.600 / year

Out of Dark made Carrie's dream a reality by turning DreamCatcher into a lovebrand.


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