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CXO's work often goes unappreciated. Ever caught yourself saying...?

cxo_done_1 cxo_done_1
  • "Nobody outside my team understands the customer journey."
  • "Nobody knows what I do anyway."
  • "I have nowhere to visualize the whole customer experience."
  • "The CX strategy isn't written down, but scattered among the coworkers."
  • "I can't share the CX strategy with others."
  • "We have to limit the experiments we do because we can't track them all."

If you did, we'll lead you Out of Dark!

Have your team create a customer journey map the whole company will benefit from

1. Visualize your customer touchpoints

How would you like a new customer experience playbook?

Touchpoints are the basic element of CX, yet they’re rarely clearly defined. Summarize your team’s collective knowledge of them into something accessible and durable. Our powerful touchpoints can handle KPIs, time span, satisfaction, owner, and much more. Your CX experiments will be much easier to track, too!

Customer journey templates

2. All performance metrics in one place

Why check ten apps when one will suffice?

All touchpoints come with data scattered all around the place. Why don’t you keep them where they belong - with your touchpoints? No more “I’ll look it up for you” - have your performance metrics always ready to be evaluated.


3. 24/7 KPI monitoring

Do you have enough of “If only I knew it sooner…”?

There’s no need to refresh those 10 open tabs in your browser 3 times a day. Just tell us what performance metric fluctuations we should look out for, and we’ll let you know when something happens - both good and bad.

Company activity monitoring

4. Keep the knowledge in the company

Why should you lose something you already have?

If key employees leave, don’t let their knowledge of your ops follow them out the door. With all the touchpoint details and historical metrics accumulated over time, your customer journey map will gradually become a knowledge base of your whole CX operations. 


5. Know who you serve

It’s all about the people - but who are they?

It’s hard to be a customer-centric company when the employees don’t know who the customer is. Sum up your target audiences into personas, add them to the touchpoints they belong to, and make your CX efforts more customized and easier to understand for coworkers.

Customer & user persona

6. Report always ready

How about starting a meeting whenever you feel like it?

With the performance of your KPIs and related touchpoints always ready, you can call a meeting whenever you want - the report is always ready. Then decide what needs to be done, assign it to your coworkers, and review it all at the next meeting!

Task management

And there's more than meets the eye

It just makes sense.

  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Higher revenue
  • Higher transparency
  • Lower churn rate
  • Less time wasting
  • Lower salary costs

Experience-driven companies grow their revenue at a rate that is 1.4x faster than their competitors

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What our clients are saying

I was looking for a tool that would help me with creating and monitoring customer journey and simplify my working life. Thanks to Out of Dark, I can build my own journey in minutes and keep track of the latest news!
Sarka Rauchova
Sarka Rauchova
CX expert, Avast

We deal with a lot of campaigns, communication, touchpoints in our daily business. Out of Dark allows me to have a perfect overview of all our activities, monitor the development of KPIs and see and understand the context.

David Milota
David Milota
Brand manager, T-Mobile
Železná Koule
Růžový slon