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With real-time data from Google Sheets!

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Perfectly mapped customer journey Perfectly mapped customer journey
  • Perfectly mapped customer journey

Managing customer experience used to be a nightmare.

But we found an easy way out!

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Worried you don't know where and

how your company connects with clients

1. Visualise your business activities & touchpoints

Because now you don’t have a clue, do you?

Create a mindmap of your touchpoints and customer interactions like website, landing pages, ads, emailing, review sites, customer support, and others.

Keep everything in one place and don't miss anything that requires your attention.

Customer journey templates

2. Track only the important metrics

Aren’t you overwhelmed by all the numbers?

Easily collect data like your Google reviews or NPS from your customers.  Have all KPIs and their performance at your fingertips. Over time, you'll build up your company's historical memory.

Make decisions based on hard numbers, not subjective feelings.


3. Get notified when something bad happens

Isn’t it better than finding out only when it’s too late?

Set up thresholds and get automatic alerts when your activity metrics are out of the ordinary.

You can't monitor everything 24/7. We can.

Company activity monitoring

4. Clarify responsibilities for all

Does everyone know who is responsible for what?

Assign responsibilities for activities to your team members and make sure everyone knows what they should be doing.

We’ll keep a record of their check-ins. No more lame excuses.


5. Meet your customers

Your customers know you, but do you know them?

Sum up your target audiences into customer personas - who they are, how they behave, think, and make decisions.

Show your whole company the names and faces they serve.

Customer & user persona

6. Don't just map. Improve!

Do you have a process for advancing your touchpoints? 

Come up with ideas, take notes, and track the improvements of your activities. Everything including your KPIs is instantly converted into a report, so you’re always ready for a meeting.

Keep moving your customer journey forward!

Task management

Ever dreamed of a full company overview?
We just made your dream come true!

What you get for your money?

  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Higher revenue
  • Higher transparency
  • Lower churn rate
  • Less time wasting
  • Lower salary costs

Companies that focus on improving their CX can expect a boost in revenue of up to 80%

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What our clients are saying

I was looking for a tool that would help me with creating and monitoring customer journey and simplify my working life. Thanks to Out of Dark, I can build my own journey in minutes and keep track of the latest news!
Sarka Rauchova
Sarka Rauchova
CX expert, Avast

We deal with a lot of campaigns, communication, touchpoints in our daily business. Out of Dark allows me to have a perfect overview of all our activities, monitor the development of KPIs and see and understand the context.

David Milota
David Milota
Brand manager, T-Mobile