Monitor and improve your customer journey

From acquisition to retention
in one clear and AI-fueled dashboard.

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Most businesses are dealing with the same problems

Low customer loyalty & high churn

Properly mapped customer journeys increase the probability that customers will stay with your company by 80%.

Incomplete overview of products & services

Ensure all your client contact points are in one place so you don’t miss any more opportunities.

Poor transparency & control

Get direct access to the targets and KPIs that are important to you.

Time consuming reporting activities

The average CMO wastes 1/4 of his time with reports.

Track & guard your customers’ complete lifecycle journey.

Differentiate yourself from the 92 % of brands that fail to create and maintain a customer journey map.

Easily track and visualize your customers’ experience

Make your very own gorgeous customer journey map!

Enrich your touchpoints with real time data and track KPIs

Keep track of your important KPIs and how they are performing.

Know your customer personas

Maps target customer personas and their reach through corporate activities.

Let everybody know who is responsible for what

No more excuses about not knowing what to do.

Improve the customer experience

Keep a record of suggestions a tasks for improvement and ways to achieve them.

Unleash AI magic!

We'll go further than the others. Artificial intelligence helps you gather relevant data and put it in context. With us, gathering and evaluating information will be easy as pie.

We’ll help you save…


No more explaining your business activities!


No more expensive hiring to do the job we can do.


No more fingernail biting when crucial people leave the company with your know-how in their heads.

...and gain

Customer loayalty

Investing in mapping and improving the customer experience increases overall business performance and revenue by an average of 15 %.

Product insight

All client contact points are in one place, ensuring you miss no more opportunities.

Transparency & control

Immediately see which activities in your company you are underestimating or not addressing at all.

Ready to take your business to the next level?

Out of Dark will be your customer journey knowledge base and truth center.
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